Employee Owned, Locally Operated

Axios HR is a human resource services company that has been working with small and mid-sized businesses in Michigan for over 33 years. We seek to build strong, long-term relationships with our partner organizations by delivering personalized service, customized solutions, and valuable HR assistance. We are deeply committed to improving and elevating the communities in which we live, and believe that our partnerships with local businesses help improve and enrich our local community.


At Axios HR, we recognize that our work is directly intertwined with our mission to serve and uplift our local communities. The services we provide can help employers support their workforce in ways that directly improves their personal and professional well-being. We are committed to creating meaningful partnerships with organizations that provide impactful services to people in Michigan and we are continually seeking ways to support local businesses and organizations.
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Employee Stock Ownership Plan

We are a 100% privately-held, employee-owned organization headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. ESOP companies have proven to be agile, efficient organizations with employee-owners who think about clients’ future as their own. Every single member of our team takes a personal interest in providing you the best possible service and support as you look to attract, retain, and develop the people who make your business unique.
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Core Values

Becoming part of the Axios HR team offers a unique opportunity for individuals up to the challenge. Built on shared core values of growing by learning, finding a better way, putting team before self, committing to serving, and doing the right thing, the unity of the Axios HR culture shines through in everything we do.

Our team members are encouraged to continuously pursue personal growth opportunities and are allocated set hours to give back to community-related causes. Our Active Axios initiative supports participation in local fitness events and ensures that team members balance work responsibilities with personal health. Additionally, regular group outings and retreats foster collaboration and transparency.
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