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Axios HR – The Top 3 Tools For Business Leaders

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It is common practice in these hyper digitalized times for companies to release a myriad of free tools and resources for business leaders, but how many of them are actually useful?

Think about it – when was the last time you actually used a resource, tool or case study after you downloaded it? Did you immediately open it and begin squeezing every last drop of helpful information out of it, or did it sit lonely and forgotten in a forlorn folder?

When we release a new resource or case study, our hope is that not only will people download it, but that the information that lives inside that document provides real, tangible, and actionable value to you, the reader. So since we were curious about how Axios HR’s vast pool of resources are actually being consumed, we ran an exhaustive analysis of the most popular tools that business leaders are using and decided to post them all here for you to use well and revisit often.


#1: Case Study – Small Manufacturing Business Owners

What happens when a business owner in the manufacturing industry decides to enter a co-employment and flexible staffing partnership to help combat their 60% turnover rate and rising health benefits cost?

Click below to get the full case study and find out!




#2: Case Study – Marketing Company Case Study

See exactly how a stylish creative agency’s decision to enter a co-employment relationship allowed them to grow their business, attract the right talent, and allow them to focus on creative excellence by outsourcing their health insurance, benefits management, payroll, and more!

Click below to get the full case study!




#3: Webinar – Co-employment | The Key to Growth For West Michigan Businesses

Learn how businesses in West Michigan are using a co-employment partnership to reduce turnover, outpace competitors and minimize risk.

Discover in-depth how co-employment actually works, and hear from an Axios HR customer that is using this strategy to scale successfully. Click below to watch the webinar, PLUS get the slide deck by clicking “see more” in the video description!




May 30, 2019




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