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An Approach To Help Managers Boost Employee Engagement

Improve Engagement: Helping Leaders Grow

What drives engagement of employees is well understood and has stayed relatively constant over the past few decades. Here are the top five drivers of engagement year after year1. The main shift has been that training and development has moved up in rank as there are more millennials in the workforce.

  1. Training, Development, and Career
  2. Immediate Manager
  3. Performance and Appraisal
  4. Communication
  5. Equal Opportunities and Fair Treatment

Mission, vision, values and leadership are critical to engagement. Communication of this as well as decisions – both the what, the how, the when, and the why all matter. Setting a tone of inclusion for differences of opinion and holding folks accountable are all things employees look for when they decide if they are engaged. The way these organizational practices become real to employees is often day-to-day with their manager and their team.

In small organizations many leaders are wearing multiple hats and play a key role in managing employees. Management is usually less formal and there are fewer processes and tools for managers to lean on. There is also a tendency in small organizations to promote great ‘doers’ and these folks are not well supported in learning how to manage other people.

Often, managers just do not have the skills, training, and time to be good managers. Employees experience your organization through their manager. Employees have questions they expect their manager to answer and if the manager doesn’t provide those answers, the employee will not be engaged. So what are the questions employees have for managers? We have boiled it down into eight core questions*.

*Adapted from Six Conversations: A Simple Guide for Managerial Success. Steve King. May 4, 2015. Amazon.

There are many ways HR can support managers with tools and resources to help them be better managers.

If you work with Axios HR to ‘look below your waterline’ we can develop a custom solution incorporating the needed elements above to maximize engagement and productivity.

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November 30, 2017




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