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The Impact Of On-site and Near-site Healthcare In Grand Rapids

A growing trend

Onsite and near-site health care facilities are becoming a popular solution for controlling the rising cost of health care. Apple has announced that it will open two employee clinics near its company headquarters. According to a national health care survey of 255 large employers1, 54 percent will have onsite or near-site health centers in 2018. These clinics provide employees with easy access to medical care, improving employee health and ultimately boosting productivity. The compelling results of these efforts show a 64% reduction in health care costs and a 70% reduction in time lost from employees leaving the workplace to see a medical provider2.

Locally, Spectrum Health recently opened a primary care facility in Grand Rapids to provide convenient, near-site care to those that live and work downtown. STR!VE by Spectrum Health is a membership-based model conveniently located at 161 Ottawa NW. Members pay an annual membership fee and benefit from improved access and a personalized, preventative approach to care.



Same or next day appointments with extended weekday hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m to accommodate the workday. Walk-in lab and immunization services are available with no appointment necessary. Better access means employees are more likely to avoid the exorbitant cost of ER services that replace primary care functions.


STR!VE’s membership model allows for extended appointment times so that providers can get to know their patients and dive deeper into health history, lifestyle, and goals. As your primary or supplemental care provider, STR!VE partners with members to develop individualized plans for optimized long-term wellness, leading to a more engaged patient experience and improved outcomes.


STR!VE providers focus on lifestyle medicine and take an integrative look at whole health. This strategy includes offering advanced testing and addressing the underlying cause of chronic disease with strategies in nutrition, exercise, and stress-management. Avoiding chronic health issues helps keep employees where you need them – at work!


STR!VE partners with a community of wellness experts to provide your employees with resources for the mind, body and soul. STR!VE offers a calendar of wellness-centered member events including demos, workouts, nutritional planning and health talks hosted by partners and specialists.

Axios HR has partnered with STR!VE to provide HR and Insurance clients of Axios HR the benefits of an annual membership to STR!VE annual membership.

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