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As a portfolio of services for insurance consulting and brokerage, AXIOS Insurance Advisors (AIA) focuses on the design, review, and benchmarking of partner organizations’ insurance programs. AIA manages relationships with insurance carriers, counsels partner employers on the design of their benefit packages, and assists member employees through education and advocacy.




Your organization is interested in recruiting and retaining top industry talent. But how are you viewed by your staff and potential candidates? AIA provides the data and insight to help you understand how your benefits programs stacks up against competing employers in our community.


The AIA customer discovery process helps us understand the unique challenges customers face in terms of budget and cost sharing, desire to grow market share, and risk tolerance. AIA aligns a benefit plan that properly represents your organization’s culture and overall market position.


The world of employee insurance is complicated and can be intimidating for employers of all sizes. You want your organization’s workforce to be highly productive, engaged, and happy. AIA advocates remove the complexities of managing healthcare benefits and related communications.


A solid benefits package is only as good as how it’s perceived by employees. AIA has in-depth experience in educating employees and promoting benefit packages across a wide variety of industries. As a testament to this level of service, AIA does not outsource the educational experience to enrollers.

AXIOS Insurance Advisors has provided our organization with outstanding health insurance options including cost-effective premiums and maximum network coverage—all while maintaining acceptable co-pays and deductibles for our employees.

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Local Impact

The AXIOS IA commitment to community enrichment is represented through the wide network of non-profit, educational, and employment partnerships we support.


Community organizations & non-profits


Schools, colleges & charter school authorizers


Small employers with less than 50 employees

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