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Most small and medium-sized employers spend time away from core business functions processing payroll, recruiting candidates, administering benefits, and performing other HR tasks—all while trying to manage cost and compliance. In some cases, a co-employment relationship is the most efficient way to service employees and meet business objectives.

Co-employment creates a partnership in which a business leader controls employees’ daily duties and job functions while a co-employer handles HR administrative tasks and direct employee service. Co-employers provide support and benefits to a client employer’s existing workforce, enabling business owners to focus on value-added activities that drive organizational performance and profitability.


A small, independent start-up school was seeking a full-service HR partner. AXIOS HR offers flexibility in service delivery, automated teacher tracking and reporting, compliance training, teacher certification, financial management integration, and other solutions designed to meet the needs of charter schools. With the ongoing support of AXIOS HR team members, the customer seamlessly transitioned into a long-term co-employment arrangement.


A provider of professional heating and cooling systems experienced a major surge in revenue growth and productivity requirements. With innovative solutions for safety monitoring, integration with temporary staffing and ERP systems, and tight control over unemployment claims, AXIOS HR understands the unique needs of manufacturers. The customer quickly migrated to a co-employment scenario to maximize the potential for operational efficiencies.

Professional Services

A long-standing supplier of metal tubing components in the Midwest needed to re-focus on gaining market share while leaving the challenges of manual HR systems and processes to a trusted partner. AXIOS HR implemented strategies to reduce the administrative burden of employment through industry-leading tools for talent attraction and management, robust benefit offerings, and mobile-friendly solutions for virtual workers.


An existing AXIOS HR client decided to launch a new venture to support entrepreneurial growth in West Michigan. The two organizations needed to synchronize HR policies and benefits administration while remaining separate financial entities. AXIOS HR helped the venture to smooth cash flow throughout the year, attract talent with robust benefit offerings, and lower the overall cost of employment.


A well-known West Michigan organization provides a “home away from home” for families of children seeking medical or mental health treatment. By integrating with fundraising and community outreach systems, retaining talent through employee service and benefits, and allowing more dollars to fund the organization’s mission, the AXIOS HR co-employment model is customized to meet unique needs of this non-profit customer.

By partnering with AXIOS HR, we impact the lives of students while leaving payroll, onboarding, benefits, and compliance complexities to a trusted provider. An AXIOS HR team member is always just a phone call away.

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