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Reducing The Talent Attraction Problem

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Axios HR, local employee-owned employer in West Michigan delivering personalized employment solutions for small and mid-sized companies, invites employers and college students to collaborate through its innovative Talent Hub community. The program is ongoing and coordinators are currently seeking interns and internships. 

Attracting and retaining talent is critical to the economic future and overall success of West Michigan. To support these initiatives, Axios HR launched Talent Hub, an integrated community for internship identification and management.  Talent Hub connects students seeking meaningful internship experiences with growing small to mid-sized companies.  

For interns, participation in Talent Hub provides real work experience, leadership development and soft skills training, connections to housing and other resources, and professional networking opportunities. Companies supporting Talent Hub receive improved access to talent, representation at career fairs, onboarding coordination, intern selection guidance, and the ability to “test drive” workers for permanent employment.  

“Talent loss through retirement, skill realignment, and other factors is a real issue in our region. Large employers with the resources to recruit and manage a full internship program are doing great work in this area, and we wanted to help small and mid-sized organizations do the same,” stated Blythe Kazmierczak, EVP of HR Solutions for Axios HR. 

”We want to be part of the solution,” added Shannon Burkel, EVP of Staffing Solutions at Axios HR. “We offer deep experience in the areas of staffing, talent development, employment and retention, and we can simplify the process of connecting students with internship opportunities. Talent Hub helps companies develop talent that will serve them now and as their organizations grow in the future.” 

To register for inclusion in the Talent Hub community, interested interns and sponsor companies with available internships should connect with Axios HR today.  



December 6, 2018




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