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How Business Owners Can Prepare For Summer Heat

The summer months are a time for relaxation in a lounge chair, the smell of burgers on the grill, sunscreen and sounds of friends and family splashing in the pool or at the beach.  It’s also a time for extreme temperatures and a high risk of heat exhaustion.  Axios HR wants to remind employers of their responsibility to keep employees safe at work, including protection from extreme heat.

What can you do?

  1. Monitor the environment in which employees are working. Whether the work is done outside or inside, appoint someone to continually monitor the temp and airflow.
  2. Check in with employees – look for early signs of heat exhaustion including an employee who:
    1. Complaints of heat
    2. Appears disoriented
    3. Has a flushed face
    4. Is covered in sweat
    5. Appears irritable
    6. Is physically unstable
  3. Provide frequent breaks for employees to rehydrate and rest
  4. Train first responders to react quickly to emergencies in which employees have severe reactions or collapse due to heat.

Axios HR is always happy to do a site review of safety and how you can make your environment more welcoming to employees.



July 10, 2018




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