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How To Create A COVID-19 Response Plan

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COVID-19 is having a major impact around the world and in our communities. All of us are required to maintain safety recommendations at home and at work. Developing and implementing a compliant COVID-19 response plan should be a top priority for all businesses, regardless of their industry.

What is a COVID-19 Response Plan?

A response plan is a comprehensive corporate policy document that governs how organizations determine their employee risk level, mitigate potential exposure concerns, ensure workplace cleanliness and remain compliant with all federal and state guidelines.

How do you develop a COVID-19 Response Plan?

For most businesses, a response plan can be developed through the following process:

  1. Follow the OSHA guidelines for determining employee exposure risk levels.
  2. Create and complete a detailed checklist of required actions to be addressed in the response plan, based on employee’s risk levels (or use the full checklist developed by Axios HR).
  3. Format the resulting guidelines and policies into a single document that is approved by management and distributed to all employees.
  4. Develop a plan for implementing changes outlined in the response plan.

What should a COVID-19 Response Plan Include?

A comprehensive response plan should provide actionable guidance for all personnel on at least the following items:

  • Guidance for responding to sick employees (or those showing symptoms)
    • Quarantine procedure
    • Timeline and requirements for returning to work
  • Sanitation Best Practices
    • Workplace cleaning
  • Required Hygiene Best Practices
    •  Hand washing
    •  Respiratory
    • Sanitizer access
  • Social Distancing Requirements
    • Workplace changes
    • Common area policies
  • Staff Arrangements
    • Hours of operation
    • Team schedules
    •  Meetings
    • Travel and commuting
  • Communication
    • Policy acknowledgment and enforcement

Axios HR has distilled Federal and State guidelines into a clear, comprehensive response plan template that can be customized for businesses across all industries. Partner with Axios HR today to quickly develop a compliant COVID-19 response plan for your organization.


What are the new OSHA guidelines for COVID-19?

The OSHA has published new guidelines to help employers determine employee risk categories by defining their potential exposure levels. Based on the level of exposure, OSHA guidelines stipulate specific workplace safety measures for reducing potential contamination.  Applicable safety measures range from basic cleaning and hygiene to strict engineering and administrative controls, PPE requirements and social distancing practices.

The table below describes each of the 4 risk categories as outlined by OSHA:

OSHA Risk Categories



Contact Axios HR today for a 1-on-1 consultation regarding your organization’s risk level and how to develop an appropriate response plan.


May 7, 2020


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