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How Small Business Owners Transition From Surviving To Thriving

Most small business owners have a difficult time reconciling what they have always done to survive with the latest expert opinion on new ways to compete.  We think that life is different “down in the trenches,” grinding out the day-to-day tasks needed to pay the bills, make payroll and actually save enough to retire someday.

I have gone through this thought process and initial transition with my own company. Transition in a small business begins the day that you know if you don’t change, something has got to give. Either the business survives and thrives or you join the legions of others that have tried and failed.

Think about the storefront of a great local business that you have driven by for years and then one day the windows are papered over and there’s a “for sale” sign on the building. Most people just shrug their shoulders and say, “that’s too bad, I really liked that place.” Small business owners don’t think this way. They know someone has suffered a terrible set back in their personal and professional lives, and they feel strong empathy as they drive by.

Over the next few blogs let’s think about why it is necessary to transition from the old way of doing things to the new. Let’s discuss the facts of running a small company, which are really the same across most industries even if it doesn’t feel that way. Finally, let’s look at a typical organizational life cycle and why the changes you are going through are normal and you should never get down on yourself for some of the hardship you feel.

Here are a few of my blogs targeted at small business owners that you will see coming out over the next few months:

  1. The Bermuda Triangle of Business
  2. The transition process
  3. Company life cycles and why they are normal

However, the theme of helping businesses transition from surviving to thriving is one that will carry throughout our content in 2018. We will use the “lenses” of our 5 C’s framework to look at building healthy, growing organizations with winning cultures and happy employees. So, no matter what our focus of our blog is each month, keep in mind that we are ALWAYS seeking to support businesses in our local community with strategic insight, unique tools and industry-leading technology.

Thank you and I wish you, your family and friends a Happy New Year!

-Dan Barcheski   |  CEO, Axios HR


December 28, 2017


Dan Barcheski


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