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5 Ways That Employee Assistance Programs Benefit Your Business

Employee Assistance programs are a helpful tool for small business owners. They are specifically useful for supporting employees in five key areas.

  1. Improve Relationships and Reduce Conflict

  • Discuss difficult challenges on the job related to relationships with peers or managers to help you decide on effective ways to improve and build on them.
  • Help with conflicts between you and a coworker or supervisor, with the goal of resolving conflicts and improving productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Meet with your family and conduct an assessment of personal problems in your relationships, and then find resources to provide support and empower change.
  1. Assistance in Dealing with an Issue

  • Assessment of a personal problem or concern, and assisting you in locating appropriate resources to help.
  • Help you decide what type of mental health professional and counseling approach will work best for you, based on your communication style, goals, and ability to pay.
  • Short-term support and problem solving for a mental health problem like depression to help you cope until your medication starts working.
  1. Guidance with a Challenging Situation

  • Support and guidance for difficult decisions with long-term consequences for you, your family, or others (e.g., divorce, retirement, or resignation, or choosing to accept a transfer, promotion, or life change).
  • Counseling and facilitation following a critical incident involving death, injury, or an event that could have led to death or injury, and help with resolving fearful emotions and anxiety so memories of these events do not linger or interfere with your life.
  • Offer support and problem solving to address your concerns about administrative or disciplinary actions, and find ways to reestablish a good relationship with your employer.
  1. Manage Stress and Improve Wellness

  • Guidance and support in preventing burnout from workload and the negative effects of stress at work, including instruction on specific techniques to manage stress.
  • Provide you with a variety of health, wellness, productivity, and life improvement materials and fact sheets, or conduct research to find suitable information to learn about issues that concern you or others close to you.
  1. Support for Supervisors

  • Assist Supervisors in understanding how to work effectively with employees and improve their productivity, and how to respond to employees in helpful ways, including employee assistance support, when personal issues interfere with performance.
  • Help with improving communication and morale among your work team by skill-building and other training on specialized topics related to workplace productivity like soft skills for improving communication or goal attainment.

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May 16, 2018




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