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AXIOS HR is the 3rd largest privately-held employer in West Michigan delivering personalized employment solutions to small and mid-sized companies. Founded in 1988, as Staffing Inc., we seek to create strong, personal partnerships with our employees and customers. We believe that our commitment to the trust formed between businesses in West Michigan ultimately improves the local communities in which we live. AXIOS HR has flourished under this model and expanded into other value-added HR offerings.


Becoming part of the AXIOS HR team offers a unique opportunity for individuals up to the challenge. Built on shared core values of excellence, honesty, respect, open communication, empowerment, professional growth, and innovation, the unity of the AXIOS HR culture shines through in everything we undertake.

AXIOS HR team members are encouraged to continuously pursue personal growth opportunities and are allocated set hours to give back to community-related causes. Our Active AXIOS initiative supports participation in local fitness events and ensures that team members balance work responsibilities with personal health. Additionally, regular group outings and retreats foster collaboration and transparency.

Employee Owned

Axios HR is a privately-held, employee-owned organization headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. Our team takes a personal interest in your success, listens to your needs, and forms a comprehensive plan to attract, retain, and develop your people.

As an ESOP, AXIOS HR believes that our employees are empowered to innovate, collaborate, and serve clients using better, smarter methods. According to national studies, ESOP companies have proven to be agile, efficient organizations with employee-owners who think about clients’ future as their own.

I started as an intern with AXIOS many years ago and have been enabled to take on increasing levels of strategic responsibility. I can’t imagine a more supportive environment for growing my career and owning an ever-growing share of a market-leading organization.

Shannon Burkel, Employee Owner of the Quarter

Our Reach

From our wide network of job seekers and employees to our supportive community of clients and partners, AXIOS HR is proud to foster growth and development across West Michigan.


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