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The AXIOS HR commitment to the West Michigan region ties directly to our organizational mission of adding value and improving the quality of life for the individuals, families, and communities we serve. Through a variety of programs and partnerships, we connect citizens with community resources and remove barriers to employment and other challenges that affect personal well-being.

Talent Hub

Attracting and retaining talent is critical to the economic future and overall success of West Michigan. To support these initiatives, AXIOS HR launched Talent Hub, an integrated program for internship identification and management, in late 2016. Talent Hub connects students seeking meaningful internship experiences with growing small to mid-sized companies.

For interns, Talent Hub provides real work experience, leadership development and soft skills training, connections to housing and other resources, and professional networking opportunities. Companies supporting Talent Hub receive improved access to talent, representation at career fairs, onboarding coordination, employment feedback, and the ability to “test drive” workers for permanent employment.

Impact Program

Founded and operated by AXIOS HR, IMPACT is a community outreach program aimed at connecting citizens seeking self-sufficiency through employment with West Michigan businesses in need of workers. Once individuals engage with the program, IMPACT partnering organizations provide manufacturing readiness classes, soft skills training, life coaching, financial planning, and other services required for successful community integration.

Since IMPACT was established, AXIOS HR has partnered with over forty non-profit partners and Grand Rapids Community College to improve the quality of life for the individuals and families involved. With IMPACT, AXIOS HR ensures the self-sufficiency of potentially overlooked populations in our communities.

Axios HR Academy

Developing talent is critical to fuel progress and innovation across West Michigan. AXIOS HR launched Axios HR Academy, an online and in-person learning solution created by and for the professional development of West Michigan. For employees and managers, Axios HR Academy provides access to over 1000 titles of just-in-time and focused learning that support their professional development. For thought leaders, we provide a way for them to share their knowledge and experience with people who need it. For companies sponsoring the Axios HR Academy, they receive a full range talent development solution: streamlined learning registration and administration, customizable career and learning paths, and onsite support to debrief and connect the learning to real-world situations.

Having partnerships like IMPACT that allow our organization to embrace individuals and smooth their transition into the workforce demonstrates a commitment to bettering their overall quality of life.

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The AXIOS HR commitment to community enrichment is represented through the wide network of non-profit, educational, and employment partnerships we support.


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