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Axios HR Partners With Wedge For Video Resume Platform

Axios HR’s staffing divisions have been partnered with Wedge for over a year.  We have enjoyed helping job seekers shine and develop a stronger connection to their next career opportunity at our staffing client partners.

Wedge is a platform for people to share their professional story. For us they are a video pre-screening platform to identify the “who” of a candidate above and beyond just “what” they have accomplished.  Wedge helps our staffing client partners quickly identify top talent and enhance the talent selection process.

To job seekers we offer a unique platform for people to share their professional story. Everybody has a story, Wedge provides a framework for people to do that.  Our recruiters are able to help top talent share their story above and beyond the traditional recruiter relationship and hiring process.  Wedge allows our client partners to see the best a job seeker has to offer.




August 14, 2018




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